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In a previous life, I wrote games for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum - a 4Mhz Z80, 32K of useable RAM and it was a dream (except of course for the dreaded attribute clash)

I thought it would be fun to give you the chance to relive those days by posting a couple of my efforts - Ping Pong and Hypaball. I've also included links to a couple of my favourite related websites.

If you want to play other games (which I imagine you would), you may be able to play the games online within your browser, using the excellent Jasper emulator. That's what I've used on the Ping Pong and Hypaball pages.

Alternatively, I'd recommend downloading and installing this emulator if you're using Windows. It's very cool. If everything is okay and you used to own a Spectrum, you should be either starry-eyed with nostalgic love or petrified with amazement that you used to get excited about one of these.

Then you can download any of the zillions of other games files at World of Spectrum and play away to your heart's content, without forking out 7.95 of your valuable pocket money or having to wait to borrow your Dad's big colour television ;-)

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