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ZX Spectrum Links

ZX Golden Years is is run by Russ Tayles and is my personal favourite of the ZX Spectrum sites, partly because I love the content and Russ' writing style, but also because he's got an interview with me on there ;-) Unfortunately, it shut down ages ago, but someone's set up a mirror.

What can I say about World of Spectrum? This is the primary source and jump-off point for anything to do with ZX Spectrum computing, including a fantastic search engine that allows you to search for those old games and download links for emulators to play them on! Oh, and it's also hosting Darren (with 2R's) McCowan's ZX Specticle at the moment. (Darren's cool, too, and another interview sighting!)

Next up we have the online editions of two of the greatest Spectrum games magazines of the early 80s - Your Sinclair and Crash!.The Your Sinclair site even uses a hacked version of one of my games (Ping Pong) for one of the Flash intros ... (which is v. cool).

The Ocean Experience is a website dedicated to one of the places I used to work, Ocean Software, where I wrote Ping Pong. It's a suitably weird site with an occasionally interesting forum.

Finally, we have the natural habitat of all those bizarre types who insist on playing and discussing ZX Spectrum games to this day! But don't let that put you off ... most of the conversations seem to be about Crisps and Confectionery, Children's TV and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Let's be honest, if you don't find this hilarious, you're probably not British or in your 30s.

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