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Basic Usage

Logic-dependent Aggregation

An Interlude

Logic-dependent Aggregation (contd)

Pivot Tables and Multi-part Logic

Beyond Equality


Additional Resources

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Additional Resources

Oracle Documentation

Sample Schemas

CASE Expressions

Related Articles

Sample Schemas article on OTN

Original DECODE paper

Daniel Morganís DECODE and CASE reference

AskTom thread on deciphering execution plans,F4950_P8_CRITERIA:231814117467,


Iíd like to thank the following people for sparing some of their time to read through the paper, checking it for accuracy and making some very useful suggestions for improvement. As usual, the final decisions and all of the mistakes

Andrew Campbell, Sun Microsystems
Colin Garside, BUPA
John Gilroy, Ask Jeeves
Jeffrey Kemp
Jari Kuhanen, Sun Microsystems


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