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8th November 2005

Added the ISP4400 Blog

20th October 2005

The CASE paper is now available as a PDF, Word document, and HTML

16th October 2005

I uploaded the MS Word and PDF versions of a new paper about CASE expressions, which is really just a replacement for the earlier DECODE paper. All comments are welcome and once I'm convinced it looks okay, I'll introduce the HTML version

21st August 2005

I uploaded a document containing the corrections made to the px article in response to feedback from reviewers. It's available as a PDF file or a Word document

12th May 2005

Actually, there have been lots of minor updates since the last entry here. I've just updated the PX paper based on feedback from various people, so I'm much happier with it now. Next up is a CASE version of the DECODE paper

1st March 2005

Wow! Only about 4 months this time.

Various changes :- New site trackers; Took out my old email addres; Added a blog, but more to come in the next few weeks ...

26th October 2004

Hooray! An update! Early version of this year's UKOUG conference paper on Parallel Execution. Strange day to be uploading this too, on my Dad's birthday .... RIP

24th April 2003

In response to user feedback, I'll be providing two versions of the various papers - the current HTML version and a PDF file for those who want to print a copy.

13th September 2002

Having completely neglected this place for 9 months, I decided it's time to tidy up and bring things up to date. The first change is a fix to the HTML version of the DECODE paper - Example 5a was wrong - based on user feedback (so some of you do actually read it ;-) ). Unfortunately I managed to lose a ton of email lately, so if the helpful reader wants to contact me, I'll credit them properly here.

30th January 2002

I've fixed all the HTML versions of my existing papers and added a new paper written by Alastair Vance on the use of PL/SQL, Cursor variables, ADO and Visual Basic.

The first proper entry in the Software/Utils section is a set of instructions for modifying the schema creation scripts used on the PL/SQL course I teach. I'll put the scripts up when the new versions are released over the next few weeks.

29th January 2002

The HTML version of the Dynamic WAP paper is done now and is the first to use Cascading Style Sheets, which means that it should be quicker to add future papers and modify the look-and-feel of the site. I've updated the Decode paper to use the same approach and the XML one should be finished within the next few days. I'm almost finished all of the site re-design and debugging work so I might be able to put some more up to date content on soon!

28th January 2002

A new Spectrum Links section, lots of corrections and a slight re-design. I've started using SiteTracker after started charging for statistics and I finally put together some Oracle Book Recommendations. The next step is to produce the HTML version of Developing Dynamic WAP-enabled Websites using Oracle's XDK (The MS Word version is available now). There have been a lot of changes which I've tried to keep bug-free, but let me know if you experience any problems. Cheers.(Oh, and I'm back to using hand-coding for the HTML, which seems to be less hassle!)

5th October 2001

A tiny amount of work, tidying up some of the XML paper and fixing some broken links.

28th June 2001

Finally found some time to work on these pages. I've updated the links section, but hope to split it into separate Oracle and ZX Spectrum links in future.

I'll be updating my online resume in the near future, but in the meantime, there is a more up to date MS Word version.

20th April 2000

Added XML Paper

29th February 2000

Using Dreamweaver from now on (instead of hand-coded HTML!), so things should start to get a bit better round here.

27th February 2000

Swapped Cyberrun for Knight Lore and Starion for JSW on the Fun & Games page

Page counter is only on the first page of the DECODE paper now

15th February 2000

Back from Dubai, so the Links page is up and running at last!

4th February 2000

Finally fixed the browser applet versions of 4 Spectrum games. Enjoy!

2nd February 2000

Added Browser Applet versions, courtesy of the tremendous Jasper emulator

31st January 2000

Changed to use embedded ads.

30th January 2000

First Version of this site.

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