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Introduction - Why WAP?



The Oracle XDK

An Example Application

Our first XSQL Page

Browser Sensitivity

A WML Stylesheet

WML Output

An HTML Stylesheet

Conclusion and Resources

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Oracle's XML Developer's Kit allows you to develop web applications, including business intranet applications, which use a variety of different presentation formats without constant changes being required to the underlying application logic. It helps you to increase the speed with which new devices and markup languages can be deployed and ensures that you can offer users information in the formats that they require, when they require it.

Earlier in the paper I listed a number of reasons why it is worth developing WAP services. I deliberately avoided one of the major criticisms of WAP, that the applications are awful and why would anyone want access to a service via a tiny little screen, using a keypad to input characters and to look up the football scores? WAP development is at a very early stage, which reminds me of previous technologies that I've witnessed as they develop from laughably under-powered, misunderstood toys until people start to understand their particular strengths and utilise them. If the biggest criticism of WAP is that there aren't any decent applications, then shouldn't we be rushing to develop those applications?


The following Oracle XDK reference document proved invaluable in developing this paper.

Oracle XSQL Pages and the XSQL Servlet Release Notes for Version (Production) Steve Muench, Consulting Product Manager and XML Evangelist, Oracle Corporation March 27, 2000

Oracle has a dedicated XML section of Technet as well as a user discussion board where enhancement suggestions and technical questions can be posted.

No subject seems to have wider coverage on the internet at the moment than XML. Here is a small selection of the sites that I've found most useful

W3C XML Specification

IBM XML Developer

Apache XML

XML Journal

There are a large number of online resources dedicated to WAP development. Some of the sites that I've found the most useful are

Nokia WAP on Web

Phone.Com Developer's Info

O'Reilly Wireless Developer's Network

WML Specification

WAP Forum

A WAP Tutorial



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